Who is the Best Between My Luke Or Morata? This is the opinion of the former England midfielder

Who is the Best Between My Luke Or Morata? This is the opinion of the former England midfielder

Although Alvaro Morata players with extraordinary talent, Romelu Lukaku predicted to be more successful in the Premier League 2017-18 season Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

It was delivered former England and Liverpool midfielder, Danny Murphy. According to him the more inferior Lukaku has the attributes as a more capable front-runner than Morata.

Contrary to the rumors that had circled them from the beginning, Lukaku and Morata had swapped destinies. Previously rumored closer to the move to Chelsea, Lukaku instead turned to Manchester United, contrary to what happened to Morata.

This phenomenon then became an interesting topic for UK football enthusiasts. Some think if the Belgian bomber could be more successful next season because it already has experience in the Premier League with Everton and West Bromwich Albion.

But not a few who feel the Spanish striker can beradapatasi smoothly, although the new left Real Madrid because of Antonio Conte factor which is a former coach at Juventus.

Murphy who had been a Liverpool penggawa during the period 1997-2004, also convey opinions. He feels if Lukaku can be more convincing because it has several advantages, for example in terms of physical.

“The central defenders will generally prefer to deal with Morata rather than Lukaku because he will be easier to tame. Morata does not have the dominant speed, yet he still has a goal sense and can be relied upon, “said Murphy on taklSPORT.

“But about the deciding factor of victory, Lukaku is better. If it is in the form of peak performance no one will be able to stop it. He can make defensive opponents mess, win air duel, and also hold the ball longer, ”

“For matters the goal ratio is also Morata still lost from Lukaku, but it is understandable because he is rarely so the main choice. Quite hard actually to compare the two. But even at Chelsea he will be a top choice and scoring a goal does not seem difficult for him, “said the former executor of the dead ball reliably.

These two strikers are equally promising players. With the number of matches last season, both can contribute quite well.

Together with Everton, Lukaku who featured in 37 EPL parties was able to score 25 goals, while Morata with 11 fewer parties could make 15 goals. In the matter of assists both are also quite slick with a record of six and four assists.

If calculated per 90 minutes, just starting to look who is a bit more superior. Lukaku is better in terms of making chances, shooting accuracy, successful dribels, and key bait.

Morata alone can only excel in the percentage of success air duel and the average number of assists. The Blues fans could have reasoned that Lukaku could have more chances, but do not forget The Toffees were not one of the EPL title challenge clubs last season. It’s no secret if the competition in the English League is more stringent than any competition.

While Morata is more benefited by playing for Madrid which incidentally ‘only’ compete with Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in La Liga. Evidenced seven and two assists Morata final in La Liga last season occurred when El Rela dealing with small teams like Leganes, Sporting Gijon, Deportivo La Coruna, Valencia, and Granada.

What do you think, who is better between both Lukaku and Morata ?. (Source: talkSPORT)

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